Portrait of Luisa Veronis

Luisa Veronis

Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics at University of Ottawa

Luisa Veronis is a social geographer concerned with questions of social and spatial inequality, the experiences of marginalized groups, and social justice in the city.

Among other things, Luisa has examined the innovative strategies that migrant groups initiate to lay claims to equal rights in and through urban space such as public parades (Environment and Planning A, 2006) and the building of ethnic places (Social and Cultural Geography, 2007). She is also interested in the role of the nonprofit sector in assisting immigrants in the settlement process. Her research seeks to unravel the implications of state restructuring and policies such as downloading and cutbacks in social services for immigrants’ participation in Canadian society (Environment and Planning D, 2009).

More recently, Luisa has been involved in a range of collaborative and interdisciplinary projects examining the experiences of minority groups in the transborder city of Ottawa-Gatineau, the influences of environmental conditions on international migration to Canada, and the production and consumption of multicultural media.